Lines Inscribed On The Long-Heralded Advent Of 6L02

Back when it was announced, I wrote some doggerel to mark a planned change to remove the default acknowledgement of naughty words from Inform 7’s standard library. With the release of 6L02, that change is now in effect; but since it includes one or two other changes that are perhaps almost as important, I felt another poem was in order. This one is, alas, no better, with the added demerit of attempting to be good. Still, I take courage from the words of Aaron Reed: ‘more changes to software ought to be accompanied by verse.’

The hour of Britain’s greatest need
Is always here. Not ours or his the choosing,
But time is time enough. The dawn breaks in.
The hollow hill can no more hold him.

Below, his nation gathers.

Long sleep has grimmed him. Dawn-creased eyes appraise
The loved land only half-familiar.
The hand that drew the sword, the feet
That braced long hours in a darking tide –
Avail us, yet we understand
This strength is only hope.
Who knows the turn? still resolute he goes
Trudging down the ploughed-down mound
As his folk cry up the foe-word, cyng.

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