ShuffleComp Omnicluster Update

The path of a comp organiser ne’er ran smooth. A number of changes:

  • For confusing reasons, three games, Little BirdThe Legend of Wooley Swamp and Out the Window, got uploaded in their original beta-submission versions. This is now fixed; if you’ve already played them, you are requested to replay before voting.
  • One game, Illuminate, was submitted on time but got left out in the chaos (my fault entirely). It is now included.
  • Two games, Nova Heart: Don’t Be Around While the Earth Dies Screaming and Lobster Bucket, didn’t make the final deadline, for reasons that are understandable but nonetheless the author’s responsibility. In a more serious comp, I’d consider this tough luck; but given the lower-stakes, looser-enforcement mood of the event, I’m going to allow them in anyway.

This brings the total number of games to thirty-three (and thus the Commended entries to ten.)

Finally, if you plan on writing reviews during the voting period, there’s now a thread on to either post reviews or link to them. (It’ll make my life easier when the time comes to count them up.)

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1 Response to ShuffleComp Omnicluster Update

  1. matt w says:

    I accidentally took the zip file down, but it should be back up (and current, or almost current).

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