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ShuffleComp Postmortem: Song Demographics

When people were submitting tracks to ShuffleComp, one question I got was about the age of the songs. Some people were using classic songs to illustrate some point or other, and, well, the IF community is, as gaming communities go, … Continue reading

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ShuffleComp Postmortem: How To Minicomp

One of the big reasons that I ran ShuffleComp in the first place is that I felt there was a need for moderate-pressure, fun-oriented comps in the IF space. Now that it’s done, I feel that we absolutely ought to have … Continue reading

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Puzzle Break

Last weekend I had a chance to try Puzzle Break, which bills itself as live-action room escape. You’re locked into a room with your team and have an hour to find the key; to do so you have to search a … Continue reading

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ShuffleComp Postmortem: Experimental Rules

One of the big objectives of ShuffleComp was to try out experimental approaches to comp-running. Minicomps, being one-offs with less pressure to serve as community pillars, seem like good places to try things out. So did I learn anything whatsoever?

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The Grand Shuffle

And now, the part you’ve all been waiting for: the full listing of tracks submitted to ShuffleComp. (Well, not quite full. These are only the songs that ended up being sent to authors – there’s a smaller, messier pile of supernumerary … Continue reading

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ShuffleComp Results

The votes have been counted. The Commended entries, in alphabetical order, are: An Earth Turning Slowly, by Mæja Stefánsson Groove Billygoat, by Efrain Finnell (Hanon Ondricek) HOLY ROBOT EMPIRE, by Ralph Gide (Caleb Wilson) Light My Way Home, by Venus … Continue reading

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