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80 Days: Protagonism and Problematics

80 Days is a game about being on the outside of things. Fogg and Passepartout are tourists; their contact with any given culture is perforce brief, and they’re not heroes who ride through town, fix all its problems and ride … Continue reading

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80 Days: The Map Is The Territory

Hwaet. 80 Days. I have a number of things that I want to talk about; firstly, how freaking well it handles structure and player knowledge. Choice-based narratives tend to be organised in one of two ways. Either the branching structure represents the passage … Continue reading

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Sunless Sea – first impressions

Since back in the days when Fallen London was known as Echo Bazaar, I’ve been wishing (really, more of a portmanteau verb made of a wish and a grumble) for a version not built around the free-now,-gouge-later business model. Fallen London has, hands-down, some … Continue reading

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GPNW: Danger Patrol, Capes

Earlier this summer, I spent the weekend at Go Play NW, a Seattle storygaming-and-friends con. Go Play turns out to be pretty much a perfect con for me – very modest in scale, a strong focus on structured activities, almost completely non-commercial, a … Continue reading

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Introcomp 2014 – 1st And Last of the Ninja

1st And Last Of The Ninja, by nmelssx, is an attempt to emulate a CRPG in the chooseyourstory format. It classifies itself as fan-fiction but doesn’t clarify of what. Something anime-ish? My guess was Naruto, since that is the ninja-related thing that all the … Continue reading

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Introcomp 2014 – Mount Imperius

Mount Imperius is a Twine game about Mountaineering Going Wrong. After a disagreement over pay leaves them without a guide, a group of five mountaineers decides to press on anyway and almost immediately runs into trouble.

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Introcomp 2014: Scroll Thief

Scroll Thief, by Daniel M. Stelzer, is up-front about its goals: This game is a fan sequel to the Enchanter trilogy, meant to clear up some of the mysteries from Spellbreaker (specifically, the four unknown Cubes of Foundation). Prejudices on … Continue reading

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