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Year Without Zombies 1: Preludes, Requiems and Chiptunes

Technically my year of avoiding zombie games begins tomorrow, but the part about buying games started with the Steam Christmas sale, which has been serving as a useful dry run. Already, it looks as though my instincts are kind of off, and I … Continue reading

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Long Live The Queen

Long Live the Queen (Hanako Games) is a  time-management, stat-training life-sim about rulership, intrigue and teenage angst. Elodie, age 14, is the crown princess of Nova; her mother’s dead, and Elodie is due to ascend the throne on her majority, at 15. … Continue reading

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The Interdependent Ludic Institute of Tlön’s GOTY List

10. CRY UNCLE (Illwind): Because what the world really needed was a concentration-camp MMORPG. (Yeah, it’s on Mars and the guards have plasma rifles, but even Illwind seem smugly confident that nobody really credits their fig-leaf.) At this point everyone has weighed … Continue reading

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More War Stories

This War of Mine is winnable. As is usual in games, there’s a few tricks to it; some of specific objectives, some of general approach. After a few more false starts, I worked out how to get through Sniper Junction, … Continue reading

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IF Comp 2014: Zest

Zest,  by Fear of Twine (a collective title which will in no way cause confusion with the game jam-ish thing of the same name, comprising Richard Goodness, lectronice and PaperBlurt) is a CYOA Twine piece that bills itself as a management game. … Continue reading

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This War of Mine

Zlata has died, shot by a sniper while returning from a scavenging run. Zlata, the cheerful one, Zlata who kept everybody’s spirits up. Everybody’s messed up about it. It’s getting colder; even with the stove the temperature’s hovering around 4°C. … Continue reading

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