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Downfall is a narrative tabletop RPG for exactly three players, by Caroline Hobbs. The Kickstarter launched today, after over two years in development. Teal deer: you should back and play it because it’s really good at developing and foregrounding interesting culture-oriented settings. A … Continue reading

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Microscope Explorer, three expansions for the Microscope RPG

Fractal history-building RPG Microscope was my introduction to modern storygames; within that niche of gaming, it’s kind of a foundational work. If you’re interested in GMless, narrative-focused, low-prep, and/or diceless tabletop role-playing games, or even just in history-focused world-building, it’s a … Continue reading

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A Year Without Zombies 7: Bring Out Your Dead

(For 2015, I am trying to avoid playing any games or consuming any static media with zombies in them. My reasons, and other fun things like ‘what exactly counts as a zombie?’, are explained here.) The Steam summer sale entirely failed … Continue reading

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Fall of Magic

The immediate draw of Ross Cowman’s successfully-Kickstarted storygame Fall of Magic is that it’s a really cool artifact: the game comes as a physical scroll of silk-screened cloth, which you unroll to reveal a map as the story progresses. The act … Continue reading

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