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IF Comp 2015 Preamble / Blurb-Judging

The Interactive Fiction Competition, the year’s biggest event for interactive fiction opens its doors today. This means lots of new IF releases, and – almost as fun, to my mind – it means lots of writing about IF. This year there are a … Continue reading

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Footnote: Francis Galton, Genocide and the Butt Sextant

OK. This is a complete tangent, it is not about any form of gaming at all, and it starts out with a mildly saucy anecdote about butt sextants and proceeds from there to the Holocaust. This is what happens when … Continue reading

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Representation, RPGs, and DitV’s Mountain People

Dogs in the Vineyard is a role-playing game set in a fantasy version of the Old West, among adherents of a religious community, the Faith. You play God’s Watchdogs, faith-fueled young troubleshooters empowered to fix communities where the rigid hierarchy … Continue reading

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Black Closet

Hanako Games’ latest is a time-management game in which the student council at a posh girl’s school acts as a detective force, solving mysteries, intervening in conflicts between students, and preserving the school’s reputation. You play Elsa Jackson, student body president, … Continue reading

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House of Reeds

House of Reeds is a map-drawing storygame about families, for 2-6 players. It’s my first role-playing game, and it’s quite small and simple. It’s available as a free PDF download here*. It’s heavily influenced by Aaron Reed’s 18 Cadence (which I reviewed over on … Continue reading

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Night Witches: an RPG about WW2 Soviet airwomen

The Eastern Front, WW2. The USSR was on the back foot; the Red Army was badly unprepared, Stalin having purged its officer corps and ignored the threat of invasion. Nazi goals here were different: the English and French were honourable enemies, but Slavs … Continue reading

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A Year Without Zombies 9: Down Among The Dead Men

(For 2015, I am trying to avoid playing any games or consuming any static media with zombies in them. My reasons, and other fun things like ‘what exactly counts as a zombie?’, are explained here.) I’m definitely in a slump when … Continue reading

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