IF Comp 2019: Extreme Omnivore: Text Edition

omnivoreExtreme Omnivore: Text Edition (Hazel Gold, Inform) is a short apartment game about being very hungry and wanting to eat things that are not food.

It’s a My Apartment game: the thing that everyone makes when they first learn a parser language and want to create a simple, familiar space and fill it with stuff. There are some rooms and some objects to poke at, and a lot of them are items which resemble or evoke food – scented candles, food-coloured crayons – but are not food. And when you’ve done enough poking the kitchen unlocks and you go into a room and Ina (your partner?) has been making food. The conclusion has a feeling of uncynical warmth about it that isn’t always very prominent in a Your Apartment game. And that’s about it: there isn’t really any story or anything very much to do. You were hungry, and now you have food, the end.

I did suspect, for a few minutes, that there might be something odd going on here. That locked kitchen door is weird: cooking surprises are one thing but who locks the damn kitchen without explanation? The focus on eating inedible things seemed as if it could easily build into something weirder or more sinister. I got 9:05 vibes. But that it not what’s going on at all.

This is the kind of thing that everybody does at least once, and which doesn’t really reflect all that much on the author. It is not good by any possible description, but it’s the kind of bad which just sort of happens, and whether you happen to release it is more a matter of circumstance than ability. I don’t really have much idea about why this did this particular thing, but it does actually function as a playable game and it doesn’t do anything that seriously bothers me. Somewhere in the 2-3 zone.

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