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Feast Days of Tlön (alpha)

I’ve made another small storygame! It is not done and I need help to test it. Earlier this year I heard about Jenn Sandercock’s Edible Games Cookbook. “That’s a cool concept,” I thought to myself, clicked through, and then thought … Continue reading

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Bluebeard’s Bride

OK, lemme tell you about my favourite session at Go Play Northwest. Bluebeard’s Bride (Whitney Beltrán, Marissa Kelly, Sarah Richardson) is a Powered by the Apocalypse game about feminine horror. The story always loosely follows the fairy-tale, with play focused around … Continue reading

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I’ve been eager to play Diadem (Max Hervieux) since Max told me about it at last year’s Go Play NW, and this year I just decided to run it myself. It’s a game with a very specific historical focus: the … Continue reading

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The Mind of Margaret

Awright. Going over some of the more noteworthy things I played at Go Play NW this year: The Mind of Margaret (Drew Besse) is a storygame in which the players all play different emotions (or other motivating drives) of a single character. … Continue reading

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Caregiver Fantasy

One of the key things that videogame stories offer is approval. To some extent all media does this; but in videogames player identification with protagonists is a lot stronger, and more active participation is required – and needs to be … Continue reading

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Names in the Comp

I keep meaning to do this every comp, and then leave it too late and get self-conscious about self-indulgent overreading. But, look, I think naming is really important in writing. Outside of poetry, there are few places where the choice of … Continue reading

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IF Comp 2017 Roundup

Voting is closed in the 2017 IF Comp. I made it through all of the top-tier games in my triage system and had time for a scattering of assorted pieces after that; I haven’t played anywhere near every one of the … Continue reading

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