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Bring Out Your Dead: IFDB Spelunking 2

My first contribution to this bonfire is IFDB Spelunking 2. (, personal site.) So, bear with me. In 2012 I ran Cover Stories, a game jam where people supplied cover art, and then other people made games based off the cover art. One of … Continue reading

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Bring Out Your Dead

Over this Solstice week, Emily Short is running the Bring Out Your Dead event: Bring Out Your Dead is an event for sharing dead WIPs and experiments that you don’t expect to finish, but that you’d like to show to someone anyway. … Continue reading

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A Year Without Zombies: Envoi

Over the course of 2015, I did my best to avoid consuming or buying any media that contained zombies. It was about as difficult as I expected it to be, but more frustrating. In much the same way that vegetarians are … Continue reading

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Spring Thing: Standoff

Standoff (Matthew R.F. Balousek) is a Back Garden entry in the 2016 Spring Thing. It is ‘interactive fiction’ only in the broadest possible sense; more usefully, it’s a storygame tabletop RPG. (It is very cool to see this kind of thing appearing … Continue reading

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IF Comp 2015: The King and the Crown

The King and the Crown (Wes Lesley) is a very short one-room game, mostly concerning the traditional parser activity of searching the scenery for hidden stuff. The tone is self-consciously goofy medieval fantasy, light-hearted but a bit too stale to … Continue reading

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IF Comp 2015: Questor’s Quest

Questor’s Quest (Mark Stahl) is a retro fantasy treasure-hunt game. You’re some generic dude in a generic fantasy forest, looking for treasures because adventurers want treasures. This is not the kind of thing that holds a lot of inherent interest for … Continue reading

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Footnote: Francis Galton, Genocide and the Butt Sextant

OK. This is a complete tangent, it is not about any form of gaming at all, and it starts out with a mildly saucy anecdote about butt sextants and proceeds from there to the Holocaust. This is what happens when … Continue reading

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