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scents-semiosisScents & Semiosis

Play on (Source code available within play window.) IFDB entry.

A perfume designer goes through her personal collection of scents, and remembers.

A procedurally-generated story about perfume, memory, and what meanings you choose to associate with them. Brief and dense, like a snifter of something golden-dark and pungent.

With contributions from Yoon Ha Lee, Cat Manning and Caleb Wilson; production by Cat Manning.

“*deeply* beautiful, the most incredible intersection of divination & therapy”

— Amal el-Mohtar

Inform 7 and Vorple. Released 2020; a gift for Emily Short.



Invisible Parties

Download version 3Play online. IFDB entry. Source code.

A walker of the multiverse tries to find her lover in a collapsing tangle of worlds.

“…thematically, Parties is about the incompatibility of cultural outlooks and philosophical systems. It’s about the fact that our physical environment is only a tiny fraction of our mental environment, and the latter is very powerful. So as we travel from one culture to another, we shouldn’t expect the same rules to carry over.”

— Emily Short

Inform 7. Released in 2014 as part of Shufflecomp. Nominated for Best Setting in the 2014 XYZZY Awards.

orphanoriumOlivia’s Orphanorium

Download version 3. IFDB entry.

Sparky young entrepreneur Olivia sets out to fulfil her dream of running an orphanage. The beatings will continue until morale improves.

An odd, not-entirely-successful and mostly unserious hybrid between parser IF and time-management sim.

Inform 7. Released in 2012 as part of the Cover Stories minicomp. Nominated for Best Individual PC (Olivia) in the 2012 XYZZY Awards.

apocgirlsApocalypse Fuel

Play online / download.

An MC tool for the storygame Apocalypse World, this procedurally generates quick, evocative concepts and names for a variety of NPC gangs, including hardholds, Maestro D’ establishments, and Hocus cults.

Inform 7.

houseofreedsHouse of Reeds

PDF download. RPG Geek entry.

A tabletop story-telling and map-drawing game about family histories, through the lens of homes and how they change. Based on Aaron Reed’s 18 Cadencewith mechanical inspiration from Avery Mcdaldno’s The Quiet Year

Translations exist for Italian (Antonio Amato) and German (Julian Kluge).

Selected Shorter Works

Mostly made for speed-IF events, these are likely to be brief and underimplemented.

intfic_uglyUgly Chapter. TADS 2, 2003. An interactive suicide note; a dystopian future. Do you like viciously bitter narrators? Ugly Chapter has that covered.

IFDB entry. Download.

intfic_yellowdogYellow Dog Running. TADS 2, 2002. A sinister (or, if you prefer, angsty) mythic hunt.

IFDB entry. Download.

intfic_dewdropsWithin a Wreath of Dewdrops, with Jacqueline A. Lott. Inform 6, 2005. A brief stage melodrama: one actor, three roles.

IFDB entry. Download. Play online.

intfic_djiboutiDjibouti Dirigible Discombobulation. Inform 7, 2007. A steampunk romp with a transformation mechanic.

IFDB entry. Download. Play online.

For completeness: the full list.

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