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Night Witches: an RPG about WW2 Soviet airwomen

The Eastern Front, WW2. The USSR was on the back foot; the Red Army was badly unprepared, Stalin having purged its officer corps and ignored the threat of invasion. Nazi goals here were different: the English and French were honourable enemies, but Slavs … Continue reading

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Hollywood Visionary

I have been greatly looking forwards to Aaron Reed’s Hollywood Visionary, in which you play the founder of an ambitious new Hollywood studio in the 1950s, trying to make your first independent movie. Visionary is a long way from the kind of … Continue reading

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Women in Crusader Kings 2, part 1

Some years back I wrote about how bizarrely, buggily horrible it was to try and play a non-Virgin Queen woman in Crusader Kings. A lot changed between the original Crusader Kings and its sequel, so I figured it was time for an update. … Continue reading

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80 Days: Protagonism and Problematics

80 Days is a game about being on the outside of things. Fogg and Passepartout are tourists; their contact with any given culture is perforce brief, and they’re not heroes who ride through town, fix all its problems and ride … Continue reading

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ShuffleComp Postmortem: Song Demographics

When people were submitting tracks to ShuffleComp, one question I got was about the age of the songs. Some people were using classic songs to illustrate some point or other, and, well, the IF community is, as gaming communities go, … Continue reading

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Videogame census: race and gender

Census of the 150 top-selling videogame titles, weighted by sales. (Graphs. Paper.) Williams and his team found that male characters are “vastly more likely to appear” in games than females. They made up 85 per cent of characters, compared to 51 per … Continue reading

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Crusader Kings: patriarchy adventures

Crusader Kings is full of women. In the course of a normal game, the player will take the part of dozens of characters in turn, and they will all be male. You will, on the other hand, control and use a … Continue reading

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In which I talk more about RPGs I’m playing

I am involved in two RPG campaigns at the moment. One is a Primetime Adventures campaign, Fimbulwinter. Premise: an international expedition to Antarctica in 1910 is the occasion for pre-WWI intriguing, and comes across Cthulhu-mythos weirdness. The characters are assorted scientists, … Continue reading

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Crusader Kings: bug or feature?

The Third Crusade is raging. Richard I Lionheart, the holiest man in Europe, is busy driving the Abuyyids out of Byzantium when the Pope pops his clogs. His replacement: Anna I held the Pontificate for about four years.

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Tropico Inbred

Tropico is, I think, one of the better sim-type games I’ve seen. A blend between Junta, Colonization and The Sims, it’s astonishingly versatile, powerful and detailed; when playing it I find myself grouching things like ‘why can’t I see a chart … Continue reading

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