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In which I talk more about RPGs I’m playing

I am involved in two RPG campaigns at the moment. One is a Primetime Adventures campaign,¬†Fimbulwinter. Premise: an international expedition to Antarctica in 1910 is the occasion for pre-WWI intriguing, and comes across Cthulhu-mythos weirdness. The characters are assorted scientists, … Continue reading

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Crusader Kings: bug or feature?

The Third Crusade is raging. Richard I Lionheart, the holiest man in Europe, is busy driving the Abuyyids out of Byzantium when the Pope pops his clogs. His replacement: Anna I held the Pontificate for about four years.

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Tropico Inbred

Tropico¬†is, I think, one of the better sim-type games I’ve seen. A blend between Junta, Colonization and The Sims, it’s astonishingly versatile, powerful and detailed; when playing it I find myself grouching things like ‘why can’t I see a chart … Continue reading

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