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Night Witches: an RPG about WW2 Soviet airwomen

The Eastern Front, WW2. The USSR was on the back foot; the Red Army was badly unprepared, Stalin having purged its officer corps and ignored the threat of invasion. Nazi goals here were different: the English and French were honourable enemies, but Slavs … Continue reading

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80 Days: Protagonism and Problematics

80 Days is a game about being on the outside of things. Fogg and Passepartout are tourists; their contact with any given culture is perforce brief, and they’re not heroes who ride through town, fix all its problems and ride … Continue reading

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Race in Civ IV: Beyond the Sword

One of the new additions that is not touted at all in the Beyond the Sword expansion pack for Civ IV – but which struck me as soon as I started playing: race-appropriate units. The Civ franchise is the most influential videogame … Continue reading

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Warfare: 1917

One of my recurring gyps about computer wargames is focus: they tend to pick out wars that Americans don’t feel conflicted about. World War Two is extremely popular, because it forms the essential basis of the how modern America sees … Continue reading

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Cool Shit I Never Knew About

Via the ever-awesome Play This Thing: H.G. Wells designed an influential miniatures war game, Little Wars – a turn-based game played with tin soldiers and toy cannon, suitable for adults and children over twelve. Though simple, it’s an obvious ancestor of modern table-top … Continue reading

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