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Every year at Go Play NW you get a sense of certain games that are the New Hotness, recently-released or newly-rediscovered games that get played a whole bunch and come up in almost every conversation. This year Luke Crane’s Viking … Continue reading

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Murderhearts: Designing a One-Shot LARP

Last autumn I got invited to a murder mystery dinner at a friend-of-a-friend’s place. It was a really fun evening, but the out-of-the-box scenario was very much a murder mystery dinner rather than a LARP. Its design assumed an audience unaccustomed to role-playing … Continue reading

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Unhallowed Metropolis LARP

I haven’t LARPed before. I’m more of a descriptive roleplayer than an actor type; costume I find visually super-interesting but pragmatically too expensive and laborious; and I’ve long associated it with, well, the identity equivalent of gamer power fantasy, where … Continue reading

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