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Guys, Listen, I Have So Many Opinions About Monsterhearts Skins

I’m preparing to run a Monsterhearts campaign again, and one of the players asked ‘did you ever write anything about the individual skins’, so, uh, this happened. Apologies in advance for prolonged opining. (I’m keeping this to the basic, come-with-the-book skins. … Continue reading

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Murderhearts: Designing a One-Shot LARP

Last autumn I got invited to a murder mystery dinner at a friend-of-a-friend’s place. It was a really fun evening, but the out-of-the-box scenario was very much a murder mystery dinner rather than a LARP. Its design assumed an audience unaccustomed to role-playing … Continue reading

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What Is A Storygame?

I’m going to be moving soon. I’ve been lucky to live for the past few years in a city which has a deep and diverse pool of gaming communities, with enough space in the ecosystem for the weird little niches that … Continue reading

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A Year Without Zombies 8: Losing the Will to Live

(For 2015, I am trying to avoid playing any games or consuming any static media with zombies in them. My reasons, and other fun things like ‘what exactly counts as a zombie?’, are explained here.) I have not been feeling like dedicating … Continue reading

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The RPG Death Spiral

Possibly you’ve been here: the heroic PCs, on entering a village, smell something suspicious. They were meant to smell something suspicious, but they get the wrong end of the stick somehow, decide that the headman is a doppelganger spy, and attack him. … Continue reading

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