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Lines Inscribed On The Long-Heralded Advent Of 6L02

Back when it was announced, I wrote some doggerel to mark a planned change to remove the default acknowledgement of naughty words from Inform 7’s standard library. With the release of 6L02, that change is now in effect; but since it … Continue reading

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Lines Written On The Occasion of the Removal of Obscene Language from the Standard I7 Library

So, farewell then ‘I only understood you as far as Wanting to fuck.’ A softer era can no more excuse Concessions to the kind of muck That real adventurers knew, but did not use. A modern parser must, first, be Consid’rate … Continue reading

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the effect of salacious troubadours on the state of Denmark

You know how it goes: you’re the nineteen-year-old daughter of the Duke of Crete, you’ve been married off to the bastard son of the King of Denmark, and you’re pregnant with your second child. Everyone else in the court is … Continue reading

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