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Footnote: Francis Galton, Genocide and the Butt Sextant

OK. This is a complete tangent, it is not about any form of gaming at all, and it starts out with a mildly saucy anecdote about butt sextants and proceeds from there to the Holocaust. This is what happens when … Continue reading

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Representation, RPGs, and DitV’s Mountain People

Dogs in the Vineyard is a role-playing game set in a fantasy version of the Old West, among adherents of a religious community, the Faith. You play God’s Watchdogs, faith-fueled young troubleshooters empowered to fix communities where the rigid hierarchy … Continue reading

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80 Days: Protagonism and Problematics

80 Days is a game about being on the outside of things. Fogg and Passepartout are tourists; their contact with any given culture is perforce brief, and they’re not heroes who ride through town, fix all its problems and ride … Continue reading

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Videogame census: race and gender

Census of the 150 top-selling videogame titles, weighted by sales. (Graphs. Paper.) Williams and his team found that male characters are “vastly more likely to appear” in games than females. They made up 85 per cent of characters, compared to 51 per … Continue reading

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Race in Civ IV: Beyond the Sword

One of the new additions that is not touted at all in the Beyond the Sword expansion pack for Civ IV – but which struck me as soon as I started playing: race-appropriate units. The Civ franchise is the most influential videogame … Continue reading

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