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IF Comp 2014: Origins

Origins (Vincent Zeng and Chris Martens) is a choice-based piece, a slice-of-life thing in which two characters act simultaeneously. It is very short – a single playthrough takes a minute or two.

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CYOA structure: IF

IF has always had a rather mixed relationship with CYOA. Part of this, certainly, is about audience expectations: IF’s conception, like mainstream CYOA’s, lay in storytelling to children. But IF was incubated in a college environment, and since then has … Continue reading

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CYOA structure: Spin-offs

Stateless CYOA is a ready-to-hand kind of medium; playing it is self-explanatory and has a negligible learning curve, and the appeal of influencing the course of a story is instantly understandable to anybody who consumes fiction. Because it’s delivered in … Continue reading

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CYOA structures: more Packard

Nothing quite so entertaining this time around, I’m afraid; just a couple more Edward Packard books, selected for their potentially-oddball status. (As per request, I’m including clickthroughs to larger versions of the structure diagrams, and I’m phasing out the light-orange … Continue reading

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CYOA structure: The Cave of Time

I’ve been thinking a fair bit about CYOA structure and its effects, and I thought it’d be useful to plot out some structures of existing works. It was just going to be some diagrams and a few notes, but it … Continue reading

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