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Never Alone / Kisima Inŋitchuŋa

 Never Alone is a platformer based on traditional Iñupiat stories. Girl-child Nuna and her arctic-fox companion make a dangerous journey through the far North to find the source of unseasonal blizzards that threaten her village. There’s some mild co-op puzzling and … Continue reading

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Standard Patterns in Choice-Based Games

When I was analysing the structures of CYOA works a few years back, I began to recognise some strong recurring design patterns. I came up with some home-brewed terminology, but didn’t ever lay it out in a nice clear way. … Continue reading

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Year Without Zombies 2: The Dead of Winter

(For 2015, I am trying to avoid playing any games or consuming any static media with zombies in them. My reasons, and other fun things like ‘what exactly counts as a zombie?’, are explained here.) Oh ye gods and little … Continue reading

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Best NPCs 2013 (a much-belated set of XYZZY Award Reviews)

As part of running the XYZZY Awards (announcement on that soon, I swear), for the past few years I’ve organised focused reviews of the finalists in each category, drawing on the rich pool of critics and reviewers in the IF world. … Continue reading

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The Long Dark

Playing The Long Dark for any length of time makes you feel cold and hungry. ‘Do we have any moose left?’ Jacq asked me. ‘I could really go for some chicken-fried moose.’ A mysterious geomagnetic storm has brought your plane crashing down … Continue reading

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