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ShuffleComp Unused Pseudonyms

The pseudonym rule for ShuffleComp was totally not my idea; Dan Fabulich came up with it, and it was refined by discussion. But it’s become one of the rules that I’m enjoying the most. It solves the problem that it … Continue reading

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ShuffleComp Update 2

With another update (kudos to the excellent Matt Weiner for hosting), Look Around The Corner is now on its proper, non-beta version; you should take a second look at it before voting if you’ve played it already. Also bear in mind … Continue reading

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ShuffleComp Omnicluster Update

The path of a comp organiser ne’er ran smooth. A number of changes: For confusing reasons, three games, Little Bird, The Legend of Wooley Swamp and Out the Window, got uploaded in their original beta-submission versions. This is now fixed; if you’ve already played them, … Continue reading

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ShuffleComp Games Released!

(The comp is now over, and the results can be found in this post.) Enfin, thirty-three games were submitted to ShuffleComp. Without further ado, they are:

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Lines Inscribed On The Long-Heralded Advent Of 6L02

Back when it was announced, I wrote some doggerel to mark a planned change to remove the default acknowledgement of naughty words from Inform 7’s standard library. With the release of 6L02, that change is now in effect; but since it … Continue reading

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Unhallowed Metropolis LARP

I haven’t LARPed before. I’m more of a descriptive roleplayer than an actor type; costume I find visually super-interesting but pragmatically too expensive and laborious; and I’ve long associated it with, well, the identity equivalent of gamer power fantasy, where … Continue reading

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