ShuffleComp Disc 2: a music-inspired IF game jam

Last year around this time I ran ShuffleComp, a game jam / minicomp for interactive fiction inspired by music. Participants contributed eight song suggestions to the pot, got eight random songs back in return, then made games inspired (however loosely) by one or more of the songs they received. A great big pile of weird, awesome games resulted, and we all discovered some new music.

This year, I’ve handed the thing over to Neil Butters, and ShuffleComp Disc 2 will be opening soon. (I’d have gone with Shufflecomp 2: Eclectic Boogaloo, myself, but I am trying not to be too much of a back-seat organiser).

Intents-to-enter (i.e. playlist submissions) are open March 16 – April 2; the time to make games will be April 3 – May 5, including a testing period. Full details here. Now would be a good time to start compiling your playlist! (Here’s the full list of songs from last year, if you’re curious.)

The comp was designed to create a moderate level of pressure – less intense than IF Comp, but a little more time and incentive to produce polished work than a speedIF or weekend game jam – while not creating a hostile environment for smaller or novice games. A bunch of additional rules were thrown in to try and encourage that kind of attitude – for instance, it was required that all authors be pseudonymous. (We contributed pseudonym suggestions just like the songs. It was kind of great. Here are the ones that didn’t get used.) There’s voting for commended entries, but the result rankings aren’t published. So if you’re looking for a comp which provides some incentive to push yourself a bit without feeling overwhelming, this might be the thing for you.

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