ShuffleComp Update 2

With another update (kudos to the excellent Matt Weiner for hosting), Look Around The Corner is now on its proper, non-beta version; you should take a second look at it before voting if you’ve played it already. Also bear in mind that TADS 3 games may not function as intended with Gargoyle at the moment; you should pick up a TADS interpreter to play the two TADS entries.

With that, I strongly suspect that everything is as it should be, so the next step is getting IFDB entries for everything (and submitting things to the Archive). Obviously a certain amount of data will change later – pseudonym identities revealed for at least some of the games, links to more permanent hosting for all of ’em – but for now I’d like to get them in front of IFDB’s reviewers. (Want some more reviews? ‘Course ya do.)

Setting up all those IFDB entries isn’t a challenging job, but for thirty-three games with no automation it’s a bit of a time-consuming one, and I may not be able to sit down and focus on it until after the weekend. So I’m going to try farming out some of the work to volunteers. If you’d like to make my job a little easier, comment below with how many entries you’re willing to take on, and I’ll assign you titles (to avoid everybody leaping in, duplicating work and filling IFDB with redundant entries.)

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12 Responses to ShuffleComp Update 2

  1. lost kitten says:

    Count me in with 5. I’ll have some time after the weekend.

  2. Andrew Schultz says:

    I’ll sign up for ten by the end of the day.

    • Awesome! Take 1982, 50 Shades, Bound, Cryptophasia, darkness of mere being, Dead Man’s Party, An Earth Turning Slowly, Eight Miles High, and the Fallout Shelters.

      • Andrew Schultz says:

        The entries are in, but I haven’t added all the genres etc. I don’t know how much info you’d like to see up there, so let me know.

        I was unable to link the games to ShuffleComp. It didn’t seem to be showing up when I searched for competitions by ShuffleComp or 2014. But they are tagged.

        If what I have is adequate, I’d like to volunteer the games I tested, since I could add genre information, IFID, etc. But if you want to have them done in alphabetical order, that is cool, too.

        The games I tested are

        Flotsam and Driftwood
        Groove Billygoat
        Monkey and Bear
        Tea and Toast
        White Houses

  3. Sure, go for it. The ShuffleComp page is – I’ve added the ones you’ve already created.

  4. Doug Orleans says:

    Does rating a game on IFDB count as posting a review? I.e. does it add a yes vote regardless of the rating?

  5. Andrew Schultz says:

    One other thing: one of the people I did testing for has a walkthrough to post on the game’s IFDB page. Is it OK if I act as a proxy to do so? I want to make sure this doesn’t break any rules. And of course, if they posted themselves, it’d break anonymity.

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